IGLU Classroom

Your Digital Classroom

A dedicated virtual classroom connecting pupils and teachers in real-time anywhere, any time.

Designed specifically for the UK education sector and hosted on UK servers.

Built for learning

We believe that the role of technology is to facilitate real-world interactions and not to become the object of a user's attention.

A teacher dashboard with learning outcomes at its heart

IGLU Classroom enables teachers to improve lesson quality and pupil engagement by incorporating powerful behavioural management tools into the classroom environment. This helps teachers to maintain productive and interactive lessons free from any unwanted disruption.

Thanks to our clever teacher dashboard pupils can engage and stay connected with their teachers and classmates on the teacher's terms. Teaching staff can utilise a variety of common tools to share content, use a digital whiteboard, deliver audio/video presentations, run group activities and interact with pupils.

Minimise time spent learning clunky software

IGLU Classroom is an intuitive remote classroom service with an accompanying teacher dashboard aimed at primary and secondary schools in the UK. Unlike many existing options, IGLU Classroom was built exclusively for use in teaching primary and secondary age children.

Our user-friendly interface is aimed at cutting the time teachers and pupils spend training to use complex software packages for remote learning thus freeing them up to focus on the lesson content itself rather than the technology used to deliver it.

Did you know?

On average it takes a user between 30-60 minutes to become confident using IGLU Classroom with an additional 1-2 hours for teaching staff.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards

IGLU Classroom is an approved Crown Commercial Service supplier of Cloud software on a number of government frameworks including the GCloud-12 Framework and is fully compliant with the Government Cloud Strategy and the Government Technology Code of Practice. For further information our services can be found published on the GOV.UK Digital Marketplace.

An online classroom designed to protect young learners

IGLU Classroom was purpose-built with children in mind and provides a secure alternative to the safeguarding challenges associated with using popular commercial online video-conferencing platforms. IGLU Classroom was designed exclusively for the UK education sector and was not an existing commercially available service.

User friendly

IGLU Classroom empowers teachers with their own digital space where they can run interactive classes online as part of a blended learning strategy regardless of their technical abilities. There are no steep learning curves leaving them free to focus on what they do best; teach.

Easily accessible and easy to use

IGLU Classroom can be easily and securely accessed on any popular web browser including Google Chrome on a PC, laptop or tablet device with a secure internet connection. There are no complicated applications to install or resource heavy programs to download. Simply navigate to your unique classroom login page, enter your credentials and join the class.

A contingency against service disruption

When access to regular services is disrupted and individuals are unable to attend in person, IGLU Classroom empowers them with access to their regular services remotely thus ensuring minimal disruption and guaranteeing service continuity.

Dedicated Support

IGLU Classroom is committed to providing top-level customer service. Our technical team is prepared to assist users at all levels of digital skill and available to help when and where you need us.

Because education

never stops