IGLU Classroom


Unlike many commercial online video conferencing platforms, IGLU Classroom complies with all relevant public sector regulations and was designed to be safe and easy to use with no steep learning curves. At the time of publication IGLU Classroom is the only synchronous remote classroom suite that is specifically built for the UK educational sector. As an essential resource in uncertain times, IGLU Classroom helps education providers to guarantee service continuity when conventional in-person teaching is not an option.

IGLU believes in the power of interactive learning and we understand that stability and security helps children succeed in their studies. When schools are forced to close and pupils are unable to attend lessons, IGLU Classroom provides a safe and familiar classroom environment to help them carry on in as normal a manner as possible. Pupils can always engage and stay connected with their teachers and classmates online without having to experience any disruption.

IGLU Classroom is compliant with the Government Cloud Strategy and the Government Technology Code of Practice. At the time of publication, IGLU Classroom is the only digital classroom service of its kind that is dedicated to the UK education sector, and whose servers are exclusively managed and maintained in the United Kingdom.

IGLU Classroom was purpose built with children in mind and tackles the safeguarding challenges associated with online learning head on. As a dedicated solution, pupils are protected both by the design of the service architecture and through a series of security measures that ensure that only approved users can gain access to the interface.

IGLU Classroom comes with an assortment of powerful controls to ensure that teachers are always at the forefront of classroom management and are able to deliver their lessons effectively. A number of administrative controls enable the teacher to choose how pupils participate in the lesson by changing or restricting their access to video, screen sharing, editing notes and using the group chat as well as other key features of the software. This helps to harness the attention and cooperation of even some of the most difficult audiences.

IGLU Classroom empowers teachers with their own digital space where they can actively run interactive classes online. The clear, intuitive layout was designed to be easy to use by both teachers and pupils, regardless of age and technical ability. All technical components of IGLU Classroom adhere to level AA guidelines of the W3C WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Guidelines.

IGLU Classroom is a web-based solution, built to be easily accessible from an internet browser without compromising on security. There are no applications or programs to install making it simple to use on any PC or laptop with a secure internet connection. Most features of the service are also designed to work on tablets and modern mobile phones.

IGLU Classroom is tailor-made to meet the needs of the educational sector and remains fully compliant with GDPR and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). Security governance certified to ISO/IEC 27001 and CyberEssentials 2020 and actively we are working towards CSA Star Certification.

IGLU Classroom was first published in the Crown Commercial Service COVID-19 Coronavirus Supplier Catalogue in April 2020. IGLU Classroom was successfully added as a supplier on the G-Cloud 12 Framework which is used by public sector organisations to purchase cloud software and services. IGLU Classroom is registered on the Incensu National Register of Education Suppliers, the UK Educational Suppliers Directory and the British Educational Suppliers Association.